Thursday, 20 March 2014

Real Ale News round-up 2014-03-20

Flood-affected pubs still battling for damage relief
Mar 20th 2014, 09:29, by (Ellie Bothwell)

Pubs hit by the winter storms have reported mixed fortunes in their attempts to recover money for lost earnings and property damage.

SIBA delighted with 'same again, George'
Mar 19th 2014, 13:48

Julian Grocock, chief executive at the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) said, "SIBA applauds the Chancellor's decision to take another penny off the pint, following last year's historic decision to scrap the unpopular escalator. It is good to see that this government believes in providing long-term support for the British brewing and pubs industry.

"SIBA's Budget submission to the Treasury this year was based on the very positive impact of the 2013 duty cut on the local brewing industry. Our members now feel more confident about the long-term prospects for their breweries, and are investing in them by buying new equipment, recruiting new staff or opening new pubs.

"This evidence of an industry buoyed by the duty cut, which we presented to government both centrally and locally, through our members' lobbying of their MPs, is one reason why we have been given what we asked for in this Budget – the 'same again, please, George.'. We promise to return the Chancellor's positive response by giving back more of the same from Britain's local brewers: more investment in breweries, jobs and pubs.

"It is particularly pleasing that, while duty concessions were given to other drinks, only beer, as our national drink, was rewarded with an actual cut in duty.

"We must also thank Andrew Griffiths MP, whose tireless work on behalf of British beer and brewing ensures that our arguments are heard at the highest level in government."

Joseph Holt looks for north-west pub estate manager
Mar 19th 2014, 12:47, by (Lesley Foottit)

Joseph Holt Brewery is looking for a tied trade manager to join the team.

Time to raise a glass to the Chancellor as beer duty is cut for second year running
Mar 19th 2014, 00:00

CAMRA is celebrating after Chancellor George Osborne today announced during the 2014 Budget that beer duty will be cut by 1p for a second year running. Thanks to the incredible