Wednesday, 14 August 2013

An extra pint a month could save the British beer and pub industry

Beer drinkers buying just one extra pint a month in the pub is all it would take to push the British beer industry back into growth after years of steady decline, according to statistics released by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) to mark the start of their Great British Beer Festival.

CAMRA say that 38% of pub goers are visiting the pub less often than they did twelve months ago and that beer sales are suffering - despite real ale out-performing the rest of the market – with the total volume of beer sold in the UK during 2012 standing at around 7.8 million pints, compared to over 8.2 million in 2011 and over 8.4 million in 2010.

The effect is clear to see, with 26 pubs a week now closing in the UK. But according to CAMRA it wouldn’t take much to tip the scales the other way and push one of Britain’s most important industries back into growth.

“Around 32 million people in the UK enjoy a beer at least once a year, but the number of people drinking in pubs has been on the decline, contributing to an overall fall in beer sales. But with the price of a pint getting a much needed duty cut in this year’s budget there’s never been a better time to get down the pub and help save the Great British pub. Just a pint a month extra is all it would take.” Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive.

CAMRA’s call to arms for British beer drinkers is in support of the national, cross-industry ‘Let There Be Beer’ campaign, which aims to get more Brits drinking our national tipple, beer. Mike added,

“Real Ale is a low strength drink that, in the main, can only be enjoyed in the sociable and responsible environment of the Great British Pub. Plus with more styles and varieties of Real Ale available than ever before, thanks to an ever growing number of breweries across the UK, there has never been more choice for drinkers. Why not take that extra pint a month as a chance to try a new real ale from your region?” 

And with over 1000 British breweries now making over 8,000 different beers*, there’s certainly plenty to choose from. In fact the number of breweries in the UK is now so great that for the first time ever the Great British Beer Festival will have just one beer each from most breweries, to give drinkers the chance to sample more brand new beers than ever before.

From traditional bitters and stouts to passionfruit infused pale ales, and even a Chocolate and Bacon Porter, the Great British Beer Festival will feature both the weird and the wonderful, with around 400 real ales for the predicted 55,000 attendees to choose from.

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The logo for the national ‘Let There Be Beer’ will be projected on to London Olympia tonight and 9.00pm tomorrow (Tuesday), to celebrate the opening of the Great British Beer Festival and promote CAMRA’s support for the largest national beer campaign in recent history.

This national beer campaign was launched on TV in July and is encouraging the public to support the British beer industry by celebrating different occasions with a beer such as BBQs, meeting the new partner’s parents for the first time or just that drink after work!

The logo has already been projected on landmarks such as the White Cliffs of Dover, Cardiff Castle and Hadrian’s Wall and now the ‘Showcase of British Beer’ will have the logo and facebook group promoted on Olympia’s building to highlight CAMRA’s support for this important beer campaign.