Tuesday, 2 April 2013

“List Your Local” campaign could save your favourite pub from closure

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, is today launching a major new campaign to encourage communities to list their local pub as community assets.
The “List your Local” campaign, launched during CAMRA’s Community Pubs Month, aims to get 300 UK pubs listed as Assets of Community Value in 2013. Listing a pub as an Asset of Community Value with the local council means a pub can’t be sold on without the local community being told, gives the local council greater ability to refuse planning applications from developers and even gives the local community up to six months to put in a bid to buy the pub should it be put up for sale.
High property prices mean pubs are being targeted for conversion into supermarkets, fast food outlets, and housing developments. CAMRA’s Chief Executive Mike Benner had this to say,
“3/4 of pub-goers* believe that a well-run community pub is as important to community life as a post office, local shop or community centre, and as such CAMRA is delighted that the Government has recognised this and empowered communities to protect their pubs.
By listing their local, communities are ensuring that if the pub is under threat in the future, there is a much-needed extra layer of protection which “stops the clock” should it be put up for sale. With 18 pubs closing every week and pubs increasingly a target for developers, this new power is a massive step forward in the battle to protect valued pubs.”
Want to find out more about protecting pubs, or want to “List Your Local”? Visit www.camra.org.uk/listyourlocal