Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Charles Wells and Dogfish Head Launch International Craft Beer Collaboration

Bedford based Charles Wells has teamed up with Dogfish Head Brewery from Delaware, USA to produce a ground breaking craft beer collaboration.
The partnership has announced the launch of Dogfish Head DNA New World a 4.5%ABV IPA beer available in cask at a number of limited stockists from 1st April 2013. DNA has been in development across the Ocean for some months and celebrates the creativity of two internationally renowned breweries that have invested in new product development. The beer will be rolled out more widely in keg and bottle variants later this year.
“Whilst there’s been a stream of craft beers coming to market, we’ve taken a new approach to creating a beer that is a true amalgamation of two internationally recognised brands” explained Tim Sprake, International Sales and Agency Director of Charles Wells. “Rather than simply mashing new ingredients together, we’ve taken a special reduction from 60 Minute IPA, a popular Dogfish Head beer in the USA, and integrated it into our own brewing process. In other words we’ve taken the very DNA of one beer and added it to the brewing process of another. As a result we’ve produced a beer that is unique and diverse and a little bit special.”
The pioneering collaboration will be replicated when Dogfish Head grows and pitches Charles Wells brewing yeast into the United States version later this year. This will be an IPA brewed in the “Old World” style and is planned to launch at Philly Beer Week at the start of June, when representatives of Dogfish Head and Charles Wells will be on hand to introduce drinkers to the new beer.
Commenting on the partnership Sam Calagione, Founder & President of Dogfish Head, said “We have great respect for the people and brewing heritage at Charles Wells and it’s been really rewarding to work on this project together. At Dogfish we use many culinary-inspired ingredients in our brewing process but borrowing the concept of sauce reduction to intensify the complexity of a beer, while established in the world of gourmet chefs, is a new twist in the world of commercial brewing.”
DNA New World IPA is available as a seasonal cask variant in selected Charles Wells and Young’s/Geronimo’s pubs for the month of April and is described as: "A marriage of East Coast USA and East Anglian UK brewing credentials. Dogfish Head DNA New World IPA brewed by Charles Wells using the brewing 'DNA' from the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware, offers a unique experience for the drinker. The beer has a toasty nutty start followed by a highly hopped citrusy finish. A beer of two halves in many ways."
“Dogfish Head brings an off-centred approach to the art of brewing and has an incredibly loyal following in the States” continued Tim Sprake. “We believe that by combining the expertise of both companies we have produced a beer like no other that will stimulate interest in both the UK and USA. We’re hoping to excite drinkers who may never have drunk ale before by getting them to sample DNA New World IPA and enjoy its great taste and inspire them by this novel approach to brewing.”