Saturday, 30 March 2013


Lancashire’s celebrated ‘Pendle Witches’ brewer is releasing the ‘spellbinding’ White Witch (3.9% abv) tipple to herald the dawn of spring.

At the brewing cauldron - Moorhouse's White Witches coven at work.

April sees the Moorhouse’s brew returning by popular demand for a full six months this year. Following an inaugural roll out last Easter the easy drinking seasonal ale sold out rapidly wherever it went on sale.

Moorhouse’s brewers have blended Brewers Gold hops with the ‘noble’ German origin Tettnang variety for blonde style ale that delivers ‘a refreshing fruity springtime flavour with a bit of citrus, flowers and rich peppery spice on the aroma.” The pump clip displays a striking white witch image.

At the brewing cauldron - Moorhouse's White Witches coven at work. The North West’s leading dedicated cask-conditioned ale brewer, Moorhouse’s launched a £4.2m brewing complex in Burnley two years ago to treble former production capacity to some 15-million-pints-a-year. This expansion has allowed special ales to be rolled out, including creative new brews and the return of old favourites such as Old Boss which will also be available in April and Amber Rambler in May.

Following a launch to trade guests complete with a special coven of white witches in attendance (see photograph) managing director David Grant said: “Last year White Witch proved to be such a spellbinding ale that we simply had to bring it back for an extended season. It will now run throughout spring and summer alongside our other 2013 monthly brews.”

“The brew pays tribute to the witches who cast their spells for good rather than evil. We can’t say just now if the magic is strong enough to rid us of the appalling weather we have experienced recently. But it is a great easy drinking and refreshing beer which will definitely improve the outlook.”