Tuesday, 26 March 2013

30 Days of IPA

The 30 Days of IPA project kicks off a month of events centered around the historic brewing capital city of Edinburgh next month. For the whole month of April a selection of ten pubs and bars across the city will be devoting all of their hand-pumps and a large section of their bottled offerings to different styles of India Pale Ale, many specially brewed for the event, from ten different Scottish brewers.

A wide range of IPA themed events are also planned, from an IPA (Indie, Punk, Alternative) Battle Of The Bands to sporting tournaments, pub quizzes, "Meet The Brewer" events and a gala dinner and prize-giving at the end of April.

This year's project also sees an enduring legend being tested - a classic piece of beer mythology suggests that the nature of the beer changed drastically on the long voyage from Britain to India, so three of the brewers involved have produced custom-made IPAs to the original recipe - a cask of each is currently spending two months on board a ship while it sails the Forth estuary and surrounding coastal waters, while three identical casks will spend the same period in a modern, climate controlled beer cellar. On the 25th of April all six casks will be subjected to a blind tasting by a group of industry experts and beer lovers from the Edinburgh area.

For more information on the project, including the chance to be involved in all of the events including The Great Edinburgh Beer Experiment, please visit http://www.30daysofipa.co.uk