Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Flying the flag for the Diamond Jubilee

You’ll know when the Windsor & Eton Brewery is brewing its special Diamond Jubilee beers – because their flag will be flying, just as the Royal Standard is flown when the Queen is at home. The brewery will launch three distinctive beers for the Jubilee year – each created from selected ingredients from across the Commonwealth.

The first beer, Treetops, will be launched in pubs on 6th February - the anniversary of Princess Elizabeth’s accession to the throne - when she and the Duke of Edinburgh were staying at the Treetops safari lodge in Kenya. It will be a deep, rich Africa Export Stout brewed from a blend of British and African ingredients. The second beer, Kohinoor, named after the central diamond in the Queen’s coronation crown, will be brewed for the Jubilee Pageants in Windsor and London in May and June. It will be an Indies Pale Ale – using exotic ingredients from Asia. Details of the third beer to be launched in the autumn will be announced later but will have a New World theme.

Partner Will Calvert explained “As Royal Windsor’s brewery, we wanted to brew something extra special for the Jubilee. While attention is focused on the June holiday, we see the Jubilee as a year-long celebration. It’s only the second time in our history that a monarch has reigned for 60 years so when we brew one of the commemorative beers, we’ll raise the brewery flag to tell everybody.”

Master brewer Paddy Johnson is passionate about the quality of these special beers. “The Queen’s passion and support for the Commonwealth is well known so each will take inspiration and ingredients from across the world. We’ll brew all three Commonwealth Jubilee Ales in cask and bottles.”