Sunday, 13 November 2011

World first for Sussex micro brewery - WJ King

Award-winning micro-brewery WJ King has become the first brewery in the world to put their head brewer into every pub. Exploiting new technology, the Brewery has added a unique QR code to the pump clip and bottle label of each of its 25 beers. Scanning this code with a smartphone enabled by the freely available QR App, automatically links to a video of Head Brewer, Ian Burgess, talking about that specific beer and the ingredients from which it is made.

Real Ale is the fastest growing sector in the pub trade and new style microbreweries like WJ King are attracting a new generation of real ale fans all over the South East of England. This new generation of beer drinkers is passionate about what they eat and drink and they have a real thirst for knowledge about the provenance, ingredients and manufacturing process of what they are drinking.

Marketing Director Orla Lambe comments: “This is such a fantastic and obvious way to communicate with our customers at the point they are deciding which beer to choose, that we are sure other brewers will follow our example. It will be great for the consumer and we are very proud of being the first brewery in the world, we believe, to put our Head Brewer in every pub.”

WJ King Head Brewer, Ian Burgess, is more knowledgeable about beer than most, due to his 32 years of experience in the business and he is very proud of the natural ingredients and traditional brewing techniques that go into every pint of WJ King beer.

Ian comments “We want to ensure that customers really understand the style and flavour characteristics of each of our beers and how they are made, to allow them to make an informed choice of which beer to try. Being able to see me in the brewery talking about each beer will hopefully help them to develop their palate and understand a little bit about the art of the brewer.”

The videos of Ian talking about the beers are also available to view on the Brewery website at and on YouTube at for customers who do not have smartphones.

Brendan Shannon, Food and Beverage Manager of the Metropole Hilton Hotel in Brighton says “this is the most innovative way to get customers to choose one beer over another I have ever seen. It is genius and yet so simple and a great learning tool for my bar staff too”.....