Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Spielberg Meets Hawkshead Brewery!

Our new film is accessible on YouTube http://youtu.be/BvUOESDVfuI Instead of calling it Brew House Strikes Back, Hawkshead Brewery and the Temple of Beer or Raiders of the Mash Tun we opted for the much simpler “Barley to Beer”!

The 9 minute movie chronicles the journey of barley, hops and water through the brewing process to a pint of Hawkshead Brewery beer. The emphasis is on how only the finest raw ingredients produce the perfect pint.

The film, produced by Digitom Ltd. is to be used as an introduction on tours at Hawkshead Brewery and features Hop Merchants - Charles Faram & Co and Maltsters - Thomas Fawcett & Sons as well as Hawkshead’s Head Brewer – Matt Clarke, narration is by Managing Director Alex Brodie.