Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Northampton Brewery Celebrates Investment

Frog Island Brewery has recently completed installation of new labelling equipment that will enable it to increase output of its bottled beer range. The owners of the brewery, Bruce and Mandy Littler, have teamed up with Northampton-born photographer Alex Witt to celebrate the investment. Alex is holding his first solo photographic exhibition, entitled Carpe Noctem, in London during August and approached the brewery about supplying beer for the private viewing of his exhibition. Realising that this was the ideal opportunity to show off the capabilities of the new labelling system, the brewery has donated a limited edition of 100 bottles of Dark Capital bottled beer. As specialists in bespoke bottle labels, 4 of Alex’s photographic images from his exhibition have been incorporated into the bottle label designs.

Ahead of the exhibition opening on 8th August at Craft Central in London, Alex will be visiting Frog Island Brewery on Friday 5th August (11.00am) to collect the bottles.

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