Saturday, 19 February 2011


It’s the backbone of the British pub cellar – but half of Brits admit to never having tried a pint of classic Cask Ale.
A hefty 48 per cent of those questioned hadn’t ever sampled the national drink, despite the reported surge in popularity over recent years, so champion of Cask Ale, national pub group Ember, has launched Britain’s first ever Cask Ale Menu to aid curious drinkers.
And, to reach the younger age groups of 18-24 and 25-34 year olds - ranking as the least savvy-suppers of Cask - Ember has launched a Cask Calculator facebook tab to generate suggestions for these younger drinkers.
The West Midlands and North East regions come out on top as Cask drinkers, with 57 per cent in both regions having sampled Cask Ale.
Only one in three of those in Northern Ireland - traditionally stout drinkers - have tried Cask, while Londoners are also behind the times.
Andre Johnstone, senior marketing manager at Ember, said: “As the national drink, it’s pretty shocking that half of British pub-goes haven’t ever tried Cask Ale. With varieties now spanning from dark and rich through to lighter, easy drinking brews, there really is a pint for everyone and every occasion.
“We believe our Cask Ale Menu is the first available in the country, guiding guests through the 12 ales available at Ember this winter – and with the addition of the Cask Calculator facebook tab to inspire younger drinkers, here’s to a host of converted cask drinkers!”
The fun Cask Calculator on facebook works by aligning someone’s usual tipple (wine, beer or spirits) with a favourite dish (pie and chips, pasta or curry) and a chosen personality type (laidback, outgoing, traditional) to suggest a Cask Ale to suit.
For more information on Cask Ale at Ember and try out the Cask Calculator, please visit

What did our Cask Calculator suggest for cask-cautious celebs?

Chris Moyles, a laidback, perennial pie lover who loves his beer should try Acorns Barnsley Bitter.

Outgoing breakfast girl Christine Bleakley should swap the wine with her pasta for Williams Brothers Ginger Beer.

Dancing on Ice and Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe has admitted in a recent interview to loving her curries even when on a health kick. So instead of teaming her masala with a vodka and diet coke, the Cask Calculator suggests she reaches for Rudgate Jorvic.

Luscious foodie Nigella Lawson often teams a gourmet pie with a nice glass of red, but she should instead try Yorkshire Terrier.

Lad about town Danny Dyer could leave his hard-drinking behind if he teamed his pie with a pint of Hook Norton Jackpot.

*Research conducted December 2010 with a sample size of 3,000 British adults.
** Celebrities cask suggestions generated by the cask calculator are not endorsed by each celebrity.